My Guitar Lessons

My Guitar Lessons

I have a teaching and learning philosophy where the students learn the guitar through playing the music that they are passionate about. Whether that is Nirvana or Ed Sheeran, Jimi Hendrix or Mumford & Sons, I cover it all and helps you develop by learning the songs you love. This is in combination with a tried and tested course of guitar lessons that have proven an excellent foundation for learning the guitar. For more advanced students we will start by exploring the aspects of your musicality that you wish to improve upon and then get to work building a tailored course of lessons that will help you reach that next level on guitar.

I also teach acoustic fingerstyles for those students who are interested in pursuing the more classical side of things. In addition I have taken several students through guitar grades, again something we can cover if you are interested. However, the majority of my students simply learn for their own pleasure - enjoying to playing guitar for friends and family after learning a few songs that they like. For more information about my guitar lessons simply get in touch!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Here is what I can offer:

A musical and holistic way of learning: not just boring scales and theory for their own sake, but actual songs that you like and want to play, as well as how they fit in with the overarching web of practical theory, specifically as it relates to guitar technique. We will learn how music works through the songs and genres that you love.

A structured method to progress in both guitar playing and musical knowledge. All foundational and advanced elements of musical theory and practice covered – scales, arpeggios, picking techniques, improvisation, genre exploration, composition, reading musical notation, tablature and chord symbols etc.

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Professional Guitar Tuition
If you are looking for an excellent guitar tutor look no further. With an amazing depth of knowledge and unshakeable patience Sam is the perfect guitar teacher whether you a beginner or advanced student.