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"Fergus Vickers is a great, friendly and well-organised guitar tutor. He sets a good example with his playing abilities and attitude regarding music." - Chris Dougill

Learn to play the guitar

Welcome to Guitar Lessons York. My name is Fergus Vickers and I am a guitar tutor in York, UK. I have over 13 years of guitar playing, performing and tutoring experience. Whether you are an absolute novice at playing the guitar or you already have some experience, I am here to help you develop your chops and expand your musical palette. All of your lessons with me will be tailored to your exact individual needs and desires. I will help you get the most out of your practice and accompany you on discovering your own personal wellspring of endless musical potential that lies within each of us.

  • All Styles and Genres
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Lessons tailored to the individual 
  • Beginners to Advanced

Here is what I can offer:

A musical and holistic way of learning: not just boring scales and theory for their own sake, but actual songs that you like and want to play, as well as how they fit in with the overarching web of practical theory, specifically as it relates to guitar technique. We will learn how music works through the songs and genres that you love.

A structured method to progress in both guitar playing and musical knowledge. All foundational and advanced elements of musical theory and practice covered – scales, arpeggios, picking techniques, improvisation, genre exploration, composition, reading musical notation, tablature and chord symbols etc.

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Professional TutorBeginners to Advanced - Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons - All Genres Covered - All Ages Welcome